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I Know I’m Ten Years Behind, but……..

I know I’m ten years behind, but I would have disappointed so many high school teachers if I had suddenly shown any interest in my social surroundings.   To be accurate, the only real people I listened to then were holding musical instruments, or had very curvacious bodies.  Nancy Wilson had my full attention.  Then, why start blogging after everyone else has left it to the lonely old geeks?  Well, I guess I’m something like that, not too lonely, not too old, not too anything, and extremely harmless.  So, why does Rick care now?

It’s 2012, okay in a few days, but it’s a great time for anyone to develop an interest in their world.  Let’s face it, now more than ever we are sharing this world.  Thirty years ago nobody cared what was happening to the people in desert world just as long as they were getting the stuff we needed out their country and into our greedy hands before the next “sand psycho” took over.  Then it was only a matter of figuring out what weapons and drug habits the new guy had to support and we’d be making new deals in no time.

This is an election year.  An election year is always important, but maybe it’s time we Americans came to realize how little an elected official is capable of doing.  Any President, Senator, Representative is strapped by the inheritance of bureaucratic red tape that any and every lawmaker before them loved to put in each and every aspect of their job.  They think of it as their way of leaving their mark on American history.  This means they spend the first several months, if not even a few years just getting language finessed through four political groups before anyone even begins debating the real bill.  Yes,  I said four political groups, and that’s being conservative.  It’s not as simple and Republican and Democrat, Conservative and Liberal any longer.  Many seem to think this black, or red line gets marked on the history timeline to indicate that everything that occurs from this point forward is because of the people who were in charge at this point.   It would be great to buy an existing home and from the day you closed the loan to know that the roof, furnace, a/c and foundation were getting as a fresh a start as the bank was getting on your mortgage payments.

Fellow citizens, bloggers, and miscreants, it’s time we looked to one another and started making our lives better.  Stop depending on political figure heads to give you the dream.  Go work on that dream, don’t let someone tell you, or sell you a box of ……well, you know.    It’s time to work, not to hire it out.  Roll up your sleeves.



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